Forum of Korosten and Korosten district

Dear users of the Korosten-Info website – residents of the city, district, as well as guests!

The team of the site decided not to resume the work of the Korosten city and Korosten district forum on our portal due to low user activity.

This is caused by many factors, the main of which is the active communication of people on social networks. Therefore, we encourage everyone who wants to chat to visit our groups in social networks, the links to which are located below. There you can ask your questions, share material, post news and simply chat with members of our groups.

For those people who do not have pages in social networks or a person does not know how to use them, there is a way out – you can send your question/suggestion/news to us by e-mail or call us, for this, go to the “Contacts” section.

You can leave comments on articles to receive a response from our users. We hope for a beneficial communication!

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