The main activity of club-type cultural institutions is to provide cultural and informational services to the population and organize leisure time. On the basis of club-type institutions, various cultural and artistic events are held to celebrate state and memorial dates, religious holidays, as well as creative reports of cultural institutions, creative teams, reviews-competitions, festivals, art projects approved and supported by the city population, some of them are already traditional with tali:

– city-wide holiday “Meeting of the Polish Spring”

– Youth competition show “Miss Summer”

– Children’s contest “Miss Polysynochka”

– Festival of Deruns

– Feast of the author’s Orthodox song “Morning Dawn”

According to the rating indicators of the development of physical culture and sports, the city of Korosten has been in the leading positions among the cities and districts of the Zhytomyr region for several years. But our city is known as a sports city not only in the region, but also beyond its borders.
Thanks to the efforts of the city authorities to preserve, reconstruct and develop a network of sports facilities, the city has 2 stadiums, a physical culture and recreation complex, 21 gyms, and 50 sports fields (5 with artificial surfaces).

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