The educational needs of the population of the city of Korosten are met by 15 educational institutions. There are 13 secondary schools, one evening high school and one private school belonging to the Jewish community in Korosten.

About 8,700 students study in these educational institutions. More than 770 students of 10-11 grades are covered by specialized training in the schools of the city of Korosten, 23 classes with in-depth study of subjects are functioning, in which more than 600 students study.

Every year, about 50 graduates of Korosten schools graduate with gold and silver medals, schoolchildren from the city win prizes at the All-Ukrainian Subject Olympiads and at the Small Academy of Sciences.

In 23 preschool institutions of the city of Korosten, 2,400 children receive preschool education and are educated, which is 70% of the total number of children of preschool age.

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