There are 10 districts and 6 more microdistricts in Korosten, which can also be considered fully-fledged districts of the city. There are more than two hundred Korosten streets. Each neighborhood has its own history and age. There are the so-called sleeping areas of Korosten – Cheremushki and Kyivska, there are industrial ones – partly Pashiny and Posyolok.

One of the distinguishing features of Korosten is the interweaving of high-rise buildings and the private sector, and in a chaotic manner. Even in the city center, 100 meters from Hrushevsky Street, we can see several high-rise buildings with private courtyards hidden inside. All this creates a certain Drevlian flavor and allows residents to feel closer to nature. You can get water from a well and buy milk.

There are microdistricts almost 100% built up with private houses (Chigyri, Pashiny, Zhytomyrska, Brovar, Korosten-Podilskyi). This was caused by the annexation of villages to the city or the mass distribution of plots for individual construction.
The most prestigious microdistricts are those adjacent to the city center: nearby Kovelskyi, Vokzalu district, Military town. Based on this, the price for renting and buying/selling housing is formed.

In principle, there are no clear boundaries between the districts of Korosten, certain streets can equally be attributed to one or the other. In this matter, residents focus on the belonging of buildings to post offices or polling stations.

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