Telephone code of Korosten: +38 041 42

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Attention: as of 04.2.12, the set of numbers of the Korosten Railway PBX was changed. All numbers starting with the number “9”: 9-2х-хх, 9-3х-хх, 9-5х-хх, 9-7х-хх must be dialed through “2”: 2-2х-хх, 2-3х – xx, 2-5x-xx, 2-7x-xxx-xx

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Call instructions

Area code(4142)
Call from mobile+380(4142) x-xx-xx
From a landline0 (4142) x-xx-xx
From a landline phone (from abroad)00 380 (4142) x-xx-xx

Emergency telephone numbers

Fire protection101
Gas emergency service104

Repair services

Telephone Repair Bureau (Railway PBX)2-31-51
Housing manager(098) 044 64 59, (041 42) 5-03-80 (будинки, які відносяться до ЖЕК№1)
Vodokan manager(04142) 9-60-00, 
(067) 411-26-23 (цілодобово)
Manager of the gas industry104, (04142) 4-90-26
Heating network manager(04142) 5-34-60, (04142) 4-67-92
Controller of RES in the city (electricity)9-65-38
Controller of RES in the district (electricity)4-25-22
Emergency service “Korostenlift” (branch “Zhytomyrlift”)(04142) 5-06-58, (04142) 3-00-31

Reference services

Bus station dispatcher(068) 783 98 95
Telephone help desk in the city and district109
Reference bureau of railway ATS(04142) 2-27-27
Railway station reference office(04142) 2-21-31 , (04142) 4-20-22
General Department of the City Executive Committee(04142) 9-64-37
Deputy of the Korosten District State Administration(04142) 5-00-11