In the villages of the Korosten district, there are 44 general educational institutions in 108 settlements, of which 8 are primary, 18 are secondary schools, and 18 are secondary schools. More than 3,000 students study in these institutions, over the past five years, the number of students has decreased by more than 1,000, several elementary schools have been closed.

The problem of education in the rural areas of the Korosten district is that more and more schools are becoming understaffed. 30-60 children study in most elementary secondary schools, and 70-120 in secondary schools. In many cases, the subjects are not taught by specialists, and a significant part of them are already retired. And if we also take into account the extremely low level of material and technical support of rural schools, the quality of training of rural students in most cases does not meet state standards. Although it can be noted that in recent years, the material and technical support of a number of schools in the district has improved significantly. In 2000, new, modern high schools were introduced in Bilka and Poliske, which are equipped with modern furniture, video and television equipment, computer equipment, equipped with teaching aids, scientific and fiction literature. In them, education is conducted according to the office system, sports halls and libraries are functioning. Renovations and additions of premises took place in Melenivska, Veselivska, Sushkivska, Vaskovychska, and Ryshavska schools.

More than 500 teachers, of whom about 80% have higher education, teach children in district schools. According to the results of the certification, more than half of them have the qualification category “specialist of the first category” and “specialist of the highest category”.

In most villages of the district, there are no preschool institutions, and of all the existing ones, only 2-3 have established a normal process of preschool education and upbringing. 10 secondary schools of the district operate preschools with short-term stay of children. More than 400 children attend all these preschools. There is 1 seasonal preschool. There is also a district center for after-school work, in which 150 children are engaged.

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