Video stories about the city of Korosten and the Korosten district

Korosten | “Cities” program

Korosten is a city with which most residents of Ukraine do not have any associations. And for nothing! After all, this city is one of the most ancient (10th century) in Ukraine, it was here that the rebellion of the Drevlians led by Prince Mal against Prince Igor took place, and it was Korosten that was burned down by Princess Olga. What else can attract Korosten, apart from ancient pictorial history? The presenters of the “Cities” travel show visited Korosten and still talked about the most interesting places and the most interesting people of the city!

Korosten Old train station. 1960

The old railway station of the city of Korosten, which is shown in the episode of Ilya Freza’s film “Ryzhik”, was filmed in 1960.

YouTube channel Korosten-Info

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