Mass media of Korosten district

List of functioning print media on the territory of Korosten district:

№з/пNameLocation addressContact InformationCirculation of the publishing house
1.Social and political edition of Zhytomyr Oblast “Malynski Novyny”Korostensky district, Malynska TG, Malyn city, str. Krymskoho, 7-2 (according to the decision of the session, the street was renamed to S. Bandera)


The contact phone number of the editorial office is 04133 5 14 53,

The email address is


2.“Zori nad Ubortyu” newspaper LLCKorostensky district, Olevska TG, Olevsk city, str. Sviato-Mykolaivska, 4Contact phone number – 04135 21492,

E-mail address


+- 3000
3.“Iskorosten”Korostensky district, Korostenska TG, Korosten city, st. Heroes of Chornobyl, 3Contact phone number is 04142 4 33 56

E-mail address