Medical facilities of Malinsk community of Korosten district

KNP “Malyna City Hospital” of the Malyna City Council

11601, Zhytomyr region, Malyn city, Bondaryk street, building 17

Communal non-commercial enterprise Malinsk City Hospital of Malinsk City Council

Head: Honcharuk Anton Vitaliyovych

Director of KNP “MML” MMR (04133) 5-14-19
Director’s office (04133) 5-11-38
Chief Accountant  (04133) 5-12-38
Information and Analytical Department of Medical Statistics (04133) 5-12-47
Reception department (04133) 5-12-67
Registration for an appointment with narrow specialists +38097-125-88-25
Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (04133) 5-12-90
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (04133) 5-13-37
Infectious and boxing department  (04133) 5-14-41
Children’s department (04133) 5-14-41

KNP “Malynskyi Center of Primary Health Care”

Suvorova street, 83 b, Malyn city, Zhytomyr region, 11600

096 663 84 55; 098 053 63 23; 050-83-81-779

Malynsky district center of primary health care The center of primary health care specializes in family medicine and disease therapy

On December 30, 2013, by the decision of the 40th session of the city council of the 6th convocation, the Regulation on the Board of Directors of “MMRCPMSD” and the decision “On approval of the structure of the Board of Directors of “MMRCPMSD” were approved.

On 01.01.2014, the “Malinsky City and District Center of Primary Health Care” was established.

10 AZPSM, 4 FAPs and 34 FPs were included in the composition of the “MMRCPMSD” KZ. On August 31, 2018, the 58th session of the seventh convocation of the Malinsk City Council adopted a decision on the creation of the Malinsk Municipal Non-Communal Enterprise “Malinsk Primary Health Care Center” of the Malinsk City Council and approved its charter.

9 AZPSM, 2 FAPy, and 29 FPs were included in the composition of the KNP “Malynskyi center of primary care” of the MMR.

Andriytsev Oleksandr Mykolayovych
The chief physician of the Malynskyi Center of Primary Care Medical Center of the MMR
Education: Vinnytsia National Medical University named after M. I. Pirogov
Medical specialty: medicine, specialization doctor-surgeon
Work experience: 36 years
Categories: Health Management Organization – Higher Category;
A doctor-surgeon is a higher category
Reception address: Malyn, str. Suvorova, 83 b, 2nd floor
Phone: 067-244-69-73
Rayets Olena Mykolayivna
Deputy chief physician from the Ministry of Education and Culture and Science
Education: Kyiv Medical Institute named after O.O. Bogomolets
Medical specialty: general practitioner – family doctor
Work experience: 31 years
Reception address: Malyn, Suvorova St., 83 b, AZPSM No. 1, 4th floor, room 62.
Phone numbers: 380661521506
Viber: 380661521506

Make an appointment with the doctors of the CNP “Malinsky Center of Primary Health Care” MMR

Medical center “Minimal-Med”

CONTACTS: Volodymyrska Street, 26B, Malyn,

068 762 0103

The “Minimal Med” medical center is a private multidisciplinary medical institution that provides highly specialized diagnostic, advisory, and medical care. Specialists of the medical center work on effective prevention and treatment of patients’ health problems.

Medical Center “AKTIV-MED”

Malyn city, Gagarina street, 4
(098) 053 98 82

The main goal of the creation and operation of the Active-Med medical center was and remains the provision of high-quality expert medical care. Which would fully ensure the quick recovery of patients and prevent the development of diseases in healthy people.

1. Palliative care for seriously ill patients and their families is provided in full. Examinations are carried out in the institution and at home, symptomatic treatment, painkillers, including narcotic analgesics are prescribed (patients receive medicines at the Nikon pharmacy).

2. Identification and prevention of tuberculosis patients is carried out in accordance with orders of the Ministry of Health No. 520 dated 25.02.2020 and No. 1462 dated 27.06.2019. In order to detect tuberculosis, patients are referred for X-ray and fluorographic examination of the OGK. The risk group and family members of tuberculosis patients are examined x-ray.

3. Patients with suspicion of COVID-19, with signs of SARS and pneumonia, signs of TRRS are referred for examination at the CNP MML MMR (for PCR). ELISA testing for patients is carried out in two institutions (in the INVIVO laboratory and KNP MML MMR). People who have been in contact with coronavirus patients and people returning from regions with a significant spread of coronavirus infection are being monitored.

4. Collection of material for laboratory tests and intravenous infusions and injections in the clinic is carried out in the ward of the day hospital and the manipulation room. This allows full ambulatory treatment of our patients.

5. Vaccination of children is carried out in our institution according to the vaccination calendar. Vaccination is carried out both with free state vaccines that we receive in the city of Zhytomyr at the regional base of special supplies, and with paid vaccines at the request of the patient.

6. We employ specialists whose professionalism and experience are confirmed both by state diplomas and certificates, and, most importantly, by the trust of about 4,000 people.

Working hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 – 18:00, Sat 9:00 – 14:00

+38 (098) 053 98 82 +38 (066) 699 21 60 +38 (094) 916 90 04

St. Gagarina, 4 (near the Polissya-Produkt market)

Prolisok+ Medical Center

Gagarina St., 27, Malyn
0413332170, 0933739195

Private medical center “Prolisok +”. This is a family-type institution for both children and adults.

In one place, you can get specialist consultations, diagnostic examinations, take tests, carry out procedures, injections, etc.

The “Prolisok +” medical center works 6 days a week and in the evening – this is a convenient work schedule, because a working person often lacks time for examination and recovery.

Another convenient service is a doctor’s home visit. Doctor’s consultations are scheduled and need to be booked in advance. This can be done by calling the administrator.

Every morning in the premises of the center there is a point of collection of analyzes of the “Malix-Med” laboratory. If desired, tests can be submitted anonymously.

Otolaryngology (ENT diseases)
Center of Neurology and Vertebrology
Center of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine
Ultrasound for adults
Call the doctor at home

Phone numbers for making an appointment: 0413332170, 0933739195, 0982267207, 0992054599

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