Geography of Korosten

География Коростеня

Korosten is a city in the Zhytomyr region, a regional center. It is located on the Uzh River at a distance of 150 km from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, 90 km from the city of Zhitomir and 60 km from the border with the Republic of Belarus. Korosten is a city of regional subordination, has borders with Malinsky, Luginsky, Volodar-Volynsky, Narodichsky, Emilchinsky and Ovruchsky districts.

The area of ​​the city is about 34 km², in terms of population it is the second city in the region. The geographical area of ​​the city is Polesie. Korosten has long been known to many scientists in the world. Geological objects, zones, biological areas are named after the city. The Korosten pluton is one of the largest geological massifs of the Ukrainian continental geological shield. The central botanical district is named after Korosten-Zhytomyr.

Korosten is crossed by two international highways: Kiev-Warsaw and Minsk-Izmail, Korosten station has 5 directions of railway train traffic on:

  • Sarny,
  • Shepetivka,
  • Kiev,
  • Zhytomyr,
  • Ovruch.

The mineral resource potential of the city and the region is represented by a number of mineral deposits. These are decorative facing stone, marble, raw materials for metallurgy and construction industry, limestone, brown coal, peat. Also known throughout the former Soviet Union are mined granites, there are large deposits of titanium, which satisfy the needs of Ukraine, apatite, zirconium, phosphorite.

The region is engaged in stone processing, granite crushed stone, sand with bran is produced. A significant part of the facing materials (labradorite, granite, gabbro) in Ukraine, and this is about 90% concentrated in the Korosten massif. A characteristic feature of these materials is their unique color range – blue, greenish, and sometimes golden colors. It is an excellent raw material for the production of marble chips, magnesium oxides, resins, dolomites for metallurgy, various types of fluxes and fillers, as well as mineral fertilizers.

The main waterway of the city is the Uzh River.

The region ranks first in Ukraine in terms of forest resources, conifers prevail (60%), also hard-leaf (oak) and leafy (birch, alder, aspen).
The geographical coordinates of the city of Korosten: latitude: 50 ° 57 ‘0 “N 50.95 °, longitude: 28 ° 39’ 0” E 28.65 °.

The climate is quite mild – moderate, the air temperature in winter rarely drops below -25 ° С, in summer it is not more than +35 ° С. The average annual air temperature is 6.9 ° С, the lowest in January (-6.0 ° С), the highest in July (+18.0 ° С). On average, 600 mm of atmospheric precipitation falls in Korosten per year. , the least of them is in February, most of all – in July. The relative air humidity averages 78% per year, the lowest in May (68%), and the highest in December (89%). Winds from the west and north-west have the highest frequency in the city, the lowest – from the north-east. The highest wind speed is in the cold season, the lowest in August. In January it averages 4.6 m / s, in July – 3.4 m / s. The average number of days with thunderstorms per year is 20, with hail – 3, with snow – 65.

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