Korosten symbolism

Coat of arms of Korosten

Coat of arms of the city of KorostenThe new coat of arms of Korosten was developed taking into account the composition of the previous coat of arms. The old coat of arms of the city was a blue French shield, in the heart of which there is a red shield, the main field of which is reserved for the depiction of a dark red fortress wall. Against the background of the fortress wall, a green stem of flax is depicted, it should symbolize the nature of Polesie, a four-stemmed red flower symbolizes ancient settlements that were located on both sides of the Uzh River and protected each other. A flax flower wraps around the river Uzh, blue in color with golden banks. In the head of the shield is the name of the city of Korosten, separated from the middle shield by a gold stripe. Shield and visor are framed with gold edging.
The new coat of arms repeats the main composition of the old coat of arms, only a blue flax flower and a blue field above the fortress wall. The shield is framed by a cartouche adopted in the modern heraldry of Ukrainian cities and proposed to heraldists by A.B. Grechilo. The cartouche is crowned with an urban modernized golden three-tower crown, which was developed at the Ukrainian Academy of Heraldry V.V. Bolgov and V.P. Chepak. The modernized heraldic crown has wooden walls instead of stone walls, which were used during the Drevlyansky principality.
In the blue field of the heraldic shield above the fortress wall, the name of the city KOROSTEN is written in Cyrillic. The motto “DO NOT GET IN HALF” is written at the foot of the shield. According to the rules of heraldry, mottos on the coat of arms are unacceptable. But in the old version of the city’s coat of arms there was an inscription “Korosten” in the head of the shield, therefore, as an exception, the motto is written in the coat of arms, as a memory of the repeated revival of the city of Korosten from the ashes.

Flag of Korosten

Flag of KorostenThe Korosten flag was developed for the first time. It is a panel with two horizontal stripes of the same width. The upper stripe is blue, the lower stripe is red. The stripes are separated by a symbolic image of the Uzh River – a stripe 0.16 times the width of the flag. The strip repeats the color scale of the symbolic image of the Uzh River on the city’s coat of arms: the middle of the river is blue (0.1 width of the flag), the banks are golden (0.03 width of the flag). The ratio of the flag’s width to its length is 2 to 3.
The blue color of the field of the flag cloth symbolizes the greatness and beauty of the ancient city.
The red color of the flag field symbolizes the bravery and courage of the Drevlyan defenders of the city in 946, when Princess Olga laid siege to Korosten, and the defenders of the Korosten fortified area No. 5 in 1941 during the Great Patriotic War.

Anthem of Korosten

Music by Olesya Kolyada
Poems by Lilia Bech

From the origins of antiquity and the monolith,
Sanctified for ages, washed in blood,
Strangers trampled, weary of oppression,
In greatness Korosten rose above the world!

Glory! Glory to the people of Drevlya!
Glory to the land of our courageous fathers.
Flowers! Bloom like the decoration of the state,
Korosten Castle is the greatness and pride of the ages!

You endured the painful days of adversity,
And time has not overshadowed our thorny years,
So Korosten was built in the new century
Out of love and joy freely and solemnly!


In the Polissya region the city is a pearl,
Rise to the sky with buildings mightily,
Dear light at a good hour
Go, city of Korosten, to a better future!


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