Ukrainian Society of the Blind (UTOS) in the city of Korosten

Украинское ОбществоСлепых ( УТОС ) г. Коростень

11500, Zhytomyr Region, Korosten, st. Ivan Kotlyarevskyi (formerly Karl Liebnecht), 1.

(04142) 4-10-83, (067) 903 79 07 – director – S.S. Zhidkikh, (04142) 4-33-41 – deputy. director – Y.N. Bovsunovsky, tel. / fax: (067) 411 14 85, (04142) 4-11-52 – marketing department, (04142) 9-61-12 – chief engineer – V. A. Borovyk, (04142) 4-30-27 – accounting department .

№1,№5,№7 route transport of the city. Stop: “Center”.

Location on the map:

Ukrainian Society of the Blind, Korosten

The Ukrainian Society of the Blind of Korosten is located near the center and the “Spartak” stadium at the address: 11500, Zhytomyr Region, Korosten, str. Ivan Kotlyarevskyi (formerly Karla Liebnecht), 1. Admission days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.; Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Unacceptable days: Monday, Friday, Sunday. Lunch break from 12 p.m. until 1 p.m. Phones: (04142) 4-10-83 – director – S.S. Zhidkikh, (04142) 4-33-41 – deputy. director – Yu.M. Bovsunovsky, tel. / fax: (04142) 9-61-52 – marketing department, (04142) 9-61-12 – chief engineer – Borovyk V.A. You can get there by city bus #1, #5, #7, stop: “Center”.

Types of activities of the Korostensky UVP UTOS

27.12 Production of electrical distribution and control equipment
10.11 Meat production
10.12 Production of poultry meat
10.13 Production of meat products

The history of the development of UTOS in the city of Korosten

The history of the development and formation of the Korosten Educational and Production Enterprise UTOS. On June 4, 1933, the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People’s Commissars of Ukraine decided to establish the Ukrainian Society of the Blind. Until now, there were 12 local organizations of the disabled in Ukraine, uniting more than 100 people. Abram Moiseyovych Edelman was approved as the head of the organization bureau. In 1934, 470 blind people worked in 12 workshops of UTOS. They made goods worth 5.3 million rubles from waste raw materials. In the same year, the first issue of the magazine for blind children in Braille “Young Pioneer” (from 1969 – “Schoolboy”) was published. In 1935, 78 production workshops were already operating in Ukraine, employing 2,411 disabled people. The “Work of the Blind” magazine was founded – the predecessor of the “Pryzov” magazine. In June of the same year, by the decision of the Central Board of UTOS, the Korosten Education and Production Enterprise was organized on the basis of the Korosten City Industrial Complex.

Initially, it was a semi-artisan production with a public form of ownership and was called the city society of the blind, the main task of which was to create conditions for the employment of the visually impaired, to conduct educational and cultural mass work among them, and to show concern for the improvement of their living conditions and standard of living. , which the enterprise began to produce, were construction nails. Then the production of decorative furniture nails, clothespins, cardboard products was mastered. Before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, more than 100 visually impaired people worked at the enterprise. During the war, the enterprise did not work, and resumed its work only in May 1944. In a short time, the production of products that were produced in the pre-war period is resumed. Every year, the company became upset. Thus giving the opportunity to find employment for people with partial and total vision loss. Production is increasing, new products are being developed and mastered. – in 1955 – 1956 – production of oil filters was mastered; – in 1960 – the production of start-regulating devices for daylight lamps was developed and mastered; – in 1972 – production of AP50B ZMT automatic switches was established. Literally in a short time, this product was awarded an honorary mark of quality, which spoke about the high reliability of the product, the coordinated and qualified work of the labor team. In the same years, a new, modern production building was put into operation, in which AP 50B automatic switches are still being produced. In parallel with the increase in production, the company is engaged in improving the household and living conditions of its employees. During this time, five multi-storey buildings, a modern dormitory, which is currently a residential building, were put into operation.

Great attention at the enterprise was paid and is paid to sports and cultural and mass work. Suffice it to say that the cultural center (which was also built independently), even by today’s standards, is not inferior to many cultural institutions of our city. activities of our labor team. There is also a large and beautiful lecture hall. Different evenings of rest, themed events, and various children’s matinees are constantly held here. There are two sports halls – a sports hall and a hall for general physical training. Employees, as well as members of their families, have the opportunity to engage in various sports here.

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