Korosten ZhytomyrOblEnergo power grid enterprise

Предприятие электросети города Коростень

11500, Zhytomyr region, Korosten, st. Sergiy Kemsky, 58-A

Head’s office: (041-42) 4-47-67

Dispatcher of city power networks: (04142) 4-15-38

Manager of rural electrical networks: (04142) 4-25-22

Customer Service Center: (04142) 5-05-12, (04142) 4-51-39

from 8.00 to 17.00, days off: Saturday, Sunday.

No.2 of the route transport of the city. Stop: Zagotzerno.

Location on the map:

Предприятие электросети города Коростень на карте

Power grid company of the city of Korosten.

The power grid enterprise of the city of Korosten is located in the Pashin microdistrict at the address: 11500, Zhytomyr region, Korosten, st. Kemsky, 58-A. Hours of operation: from 8 a.m. to 17h, weekends: Saturday, Sunday.


Korosten RES provides electric power to 42,125 household and 867 legal consumers located in the city of Korosten and the Korosten district with a total area of ​​1,769 sq. km. Electricity is supplied through overhead and cable power lines 0.4-10 kV with a total length of 2194 km, 536 transformer substations with a total capacity of 108.8 MVA. The annual supply of electricity to the region is 181.4 million kWh. In the total volume of electricity supplied to the district, the population consumes 27.0%, industry, agricultural consumers and others – 73.0%

ZhytomyrOblEnegro website (tariffs, question/answer and other useful information): http://www.ztoe.com.ua

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