Korosten city polyclinic

Городская поликлиника Коростеня

11500, Zhytomyr Region, Korosten, st. Hrushevsky, 7.

Reception room of the medical director

(067) 555 65 23

Children’s polyclinic registration

(041-42) 9-62-64

Registration of an appointment with family doctors

(041-42) 9-63-14,

(068) 564 24 38,

(097) 479 40 32

Registration of an appointment with narrow-profile specialists

(067) 555 65 13

Women’s consultation

(067) 555 65 12

“Hospital cash register”


Е-Mail: korostenpmsd@gmail.com (e-mail of the PRIMARY MEDICAL SANITARY ASSISTANCE CENTER – family doctors)

Monday – Friday from 7.45 to 19.15, Saturday: from 9.00 to 16.30, Sunday: emergency doctor on duty from 9.00 to 12.00. It is advisable to specify the time and day of a specific doctor’s appointment in the registry office.

№2, №3,№10,№11 route transport of the city. Park Drevlyanskyi stop.

Location on the map:

Городская поликлиника Коростеня на карте

Korosten city polyclinic is located next to the Drevlyansky park, 50 meters from the children’s polyclinic of Korosten at the address: 11500, Zhytomyr region, Korosten, Hrushevskogo, 7. You can get there by routes #2, #3, #10, #11 city transport, stop: “Park Drevlyanskyi”.

Consultative and diagnostic center of the Korosten Medical Center (specialized specialists of the city polyclinic)

The Consultative Diagnostic Center of the Korosten Central City Hospital is a structural division of the Korosten Central City Hospital, which provides qualified consultation and outpatient medical care in basic and narrow profiles during the working hours of the medical staff, performs laboratory, hardware and instrumental diagnostic tests and reports to the general director of the Korosten Central Hospital. CML KMR.

The center is located at the address: Korosten, st. Hrushevsky, 7

Provision of secondary specialized consultative-diagnostic, curative, preventive, rehabilitation medical care to patients at the outpatient level.

Secondary (specialized) medical care is provided in accordance with medical indications on the referral of a primary care physician or a physician of a health care facility that provides secondary (specialized) or tertiary (highly specialized) medical care in accordance with current legislation. Without a referral, secondary (specialized) medical care in accordance with medical indications is provided by the KDC at the expense of payment for medical services in accordance with order No. 138 of 08/28/2019. “On the implementation of the list and cost of medical services in the medical center” and free of charge to patients with the I-II category of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, participants in the anti-terrorist operation, participants in hostilities, war disabled, visually impaired, large families, as well as patients who are in emergency condition.

Providing secondary specialized consultative – diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive, rehabilitation medical care to patients at the outpatient level.

In accordance with the tasks and capacity of the hospital, the KDC consists of the following medical premises:

  • Room for patient registration
  • Office of a traumatologist
  • Otolaryngologist’s office
  • Ophthalmologist’s office
  • Oncologist’s office
  • Urologist’s office
  • Surgeon’s officeOffice of an endoscopist
  • Office of a therapist
  • Office of a narcologist
  • Office of a neurologist
  • Office of an infectious disease doctor
  • Endocrinologist’s office
  • Cardiologist’s office
  • Office of a rheumatologist
  • Office of a gastroenterologist
  • Office of a dermatovenerologist
  • Doctor’s office – phthisiologist
  • Office of a psychiatrist
  • Examination room (obstetrics)
  • Department of X-ray diagnostics (X-ray department)
  • Department of functional diagnostics
  • Clinical diagnostic laboratory
  • Department of preventive medical examinations
  • Department of medical statistics and quality control of medical care
  • Managers of the institution

Turushyn Vadym Yevheniyovych – medical director for ambulatory polyclinic care and incapacity examination.

Baginska Lesya Petrivna – head of the radiographic department.

Lyudmila Mykolaivna Uliganets – head of a day hospital.

Olha Volodymyrivna Tymoshenko – head of the prevention department.

Kulakovsky Ruslan Volodymyrovych – head of the anti-tuberculosis dispensary department.

Nevmerzhitsky Mykola Omelyanovych – head of the surgical department.

Графік прийому вузькопрофільних спеціалістів міської поліклініки

(Натисніть на картинці для збільшення зображення)

Городская поликлиника Коростеня : График приема врачей

Городская поликлиника Коростеня : График приема врачей

Городская поликлиника Коростеня : График приема врачей

Center of primary medical care of the Korosten city polyclinic (family doctors and pediatricians)

Provides the organization of qualified primary medical and preventive care for the population of the city of Korosten.

Medical care is provided by family doctors and pediatricians of the primary care center in the city of Korosten based on declarations concluded with the doctor. In the absence of a declaration, patients are provided with emergency care.

Primary medical care is provided to patients in the center’s outpatient clinics and, if necessary, at home by family doctors, pediatricians and therapists. 28 family doctors, 12 pediatricians and 3 therapists work in the center of primary medical and sanitary care of the CPMSD of the city of Korosten.

Location of dispensaries

  • Outpatient clinic No. 1 – Korosten, 7 Hrushevsky St
  • Outpatient clinic No. 2 – Korosten, 21-A, Kashtanova St
  • Outpatient clinic No. 3 – Korosten, 23 Korolyova St
  • Outpatient clinic No. 4 – Korosten, 102 Shomol-Aleihema St
  • Outpatient clinic No. 5 – Korosten, 66 Shevchenko St
  • Outpatient clinic No. 6 – Korosten, 17 Kyivska St


  • Provision of primary medical care to the population.
  • Laboratory diagnostic studies.
  • Instrumental diagnostic studies.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases, injuries, poisonings, and pathological conditions.
  • Provision of primary medical aid in the event of an emergency.
  • Dynamic monitoring of patients with diagnosed chronic diseases, which includes a complex of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, which are provided by industry standards.
  • Referral according to medical indications of patients who do not require emergency medical care to provide them with secondary (specialized) or tertiary (highly specialized) medical care.
  • Interaction with providers of secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) medical care for the purpose of timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, poisonings, pathological conditions, taking into account the characteristics of the patient’s health.
  • Vaccination in accordance with the requirements of the calendar of preventive vaccinations.
  • Conducting epidemiological surveys of individual cases of infectious diseases.
  • Medical monitoring of a healthy child.
  • Prescribing medicines and medical products, technical means of medical rehabilitation with the preparation of relevant documents in accordance with the requirements of the law.
  • Maintenance of primary accounting documentation, issuance of certificates, leaves of incapacity for work and referrals for medical and social examination.
  • Make an appointment with a doctor in the city of Korosten online.

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