Taxi Korosten

On the page you can read the names of taxis Korosten, as well as available phones to order. The fare often changes, which does not allow you to post the current price. In general, the calculation of the fare taxi drivers take into account the length of the trip, the quality of the road you have to go (in some cases, the city district), time of day, weekdays or holidays (holidays are much more expensive). In general, now companies adhere to approximately the same conditions of transportation. Meters on cars are not installed, so the distance traveled is determined approximately whether the taxi driver has a table of cost from the nearest points of the route.

If necessary, it is possible to book a transfer to Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Boryspil airport. In the Korosten district, taxis can be ordered almost without problems. There are also many private carriers in Korosten that operate with and without official registration.

Have a nice trip!

Types of taxis in the city of Korosten

“Lux” 5-07-77, (096) 138 88 08, (093) 467 49 49(when calling to mobile we call back), landing – 25 UAH + 6 UAH / km on the counter
“Econom taxi”1555 ,  5-05-10 ,  (096)-485-58-00 , (093)-380-00-77, 5-35-55
“Universal”5-08-08 ,  (093)-690-08-08 , (098) 109-08-08
EcoTaxi7737 (we will call you back)
“SK” 5-06-02, 5-61-21, 5-61-22
“1550”1550, 4-10-11
“Nashe”5-00-93, 5-07-93, (093) 140-81-93

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