Industry and construction complex of Korosten district

The industry of the Korosten district specializes mainly in the mining industry, the production of construction materials and products, and the food and compound feed industry.

The industry of the district is represented by 14 enterprises of the main circle, which are in state, collective and private ownership. About 1,720 people work at industrial enterprises of the district, which is about 28% of the employed population of the district.

9 enterprises of the district work in the mining industry, extracting granites as raw materials for the production of crushed stone, cut and polished products, and granite blocks. The most powerful of them is the “Korostensky crushed stone factory”, its products and products of other crushed stone factories have been in stable operation for several decades and are constantly in demand both on the domestic and foreign markets. The district’s crushed stone factories produce 3 million cubic meters per year. rubble In recent years, the Ushytskyi building materials plant has been working stably, with increasing capacity, whose reinforced concrete products are in short supply in the construction industry.

A powerful enterprise of the district is OJSC “Kombinat Hliboproduktiv” (grain storage and processing). This enterprise is quite attractive for investors, provided it attracts 4 million dollars of investment, it can become a modern large enterprise for the production of: fodder for poultry, pigs, cattle. The food industry of the district is represented by Ushomirska, Horshchykiv bakery factories and a food factory (sausages, smoked products, soft drinks).

A significant enterprise of the wood processing industry is “Korosten State Forestry Enterprise”. Wood and wood products produced by this enterprise are in demand in many European countries. The volume of sales of the company’s products grows annually within the limits of 1 million hryvnias. and for 2007 amounted to 13 million hryvnias. The main type of production is lumber, which is produced 2.2 thousand m3 per year. The industry of the district, after several years of decline in production, has been working quite stably in recent years, as evidenced by the increase in manufactured products. Thus, in 2007, the enterprises of the district produced goods worth more than 184 million hryvnias, which is 15.4% more than in 2006. The specific weight of the district’s industry on the regional scale is already 3%.

Enterprises of the district export products worth more than $8 million.

The achievements of industry in the Korosten district are due to the considerable merit of such experienced managers of enterprises as V.A. Kononchuk, O.P. Gopanchuk, L.M. Didkovskii, O.K. Viyna.

The construction complex of the Korosten region is going through bad times. The lack of a sufficient number of specialists, an outdated material and technical base, and low wages are the reasons for the decline of this industry. The following construction organizations operate in the district: “Korostenska BPMK – 2”, “Korostenska SPMK”, “Korostenska MBO”, “Korostenska Rayavtodor”, “Korostenska DEU” and three private enterprises. 412 people work in these organizations. The performance of construction organizations is much better in Korosten, where a significant amount of construction funds are attracted from private investors. In 2007, 9 construction organizations in the city performed construction works worth 27.6 million hryvnias, which is 6% of the regional indicator.

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