The economic complex of the Korosten district

The economic complex of the Korosten district was formed under the influence of mineral-raw materials, climatic, soil, forest, labor resources and historical-economic factors. The complex consists of the branches of material production and the non-production sphere.

The production sphere includes industry, agriculture, transport, communication, and the non-production sphere includes education, health care, culture, trade and catering, household services. In the industry, the leading place belongs to the mining of granites, gabbros, labradorites, the production of non-metallic building materials, the production of reinforced concrete structures, chemical and agricultural engineering, the production of machinery and equipment for industrial and industrial and technical purposes, and food products. In these areas, the region occupies an important place in the national and economic complex of Ukraine and has significant export opportunities.

Agricultural production, especially public production, has significantly reduced its potential in recent years. The decrease in the quantitative indicators of the production of agricultural products is accompanied by the narrowing of the fields of specialization. Objective and subjective reasons led to the almost complete elimination of the production of hops, flax, and potatoes in agricultural enterprises.

In transport, the main role is played by railway and automobile. The work of communication, trade, and household services enterprises has improved.

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