Trade in the Korosten district

In recent years, small entrepreneurship has begun to develop rapidly in the Korosten district. The number of registered business entities – legal entities and individuals – is constantly growing. Currently, in the district, almost 46% of business entities – legal entities work in wholesale and retail trade, almost 37% in industry, and about 17% in construction, services, etc. Among private entrepreneurs – individuals, the absolute majority of retail trade is in non-specialized stores and city markets. Small entrepreneurship in the district allowed to significantly improve the employment situation of the population, which today has about 5,000 people working in this field.

Small enterprises of the Korosten district are increasing production volumes. The main activities of private enterprises are still trade, household services, and service services, but in recent years, the number of those engaged in production activities has been constantly increasing. Private entrepreneurship reduces unemployment, pays tens of millions of hryvnias per year to the budgets of various levels, and reduces social tension. In these positive developments in the field of small entrepreneurship, the local district administration, which is the initiator of the creation of the “Program for the development of small entrepreneurship”, and the opening of the “One-stop shop” licensing center, has a lot of merit.

The trade industry of the Korosten district is quite developed and is represented by both wholesale and retail trade. Wholesale private warehouses and stores, regional consumer associations, public catering plants purchase, sort and assemble industrial, household, food products for retail trade.

There are about 200 trade enterprises in the trade network of the Korosten district, almost half of them are in the consumer cooperation system. Every year, the retail network increases its retail turnover.

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