Spartak Stadium of Korosten

11500, Korosten, st. Sholom Aleichem, 38,

tel. (4142) 9-62-95.

The director is Yury Volodymyrovych Yevstafiev.

Spartak Stadium was reconstructed in 2007.

The area of the football field is 100m x 69m.

Grandstands for spectators – 3,000 seats.

There is a training ground, a tennis court, a volleyball and basketball court, a court with an artificial surface for playing sports. The construction of a small football field is being completed.

The stadium hosts matches of the Zhytomyr Oblast Football Championship and the Ukrainian Football Championship among veteran teams.

In 2008, a new sports and recreation complex of the “Spartak” stadium was opened. The size of the building is 34m x 30m. In the premises of the FOK there is a large game hall with an area of 32 m x 17.5 m and two small gyms with a total area of 135 m 2. In addition, on the second floor of the building there is equipment for boxing and table tennis training. Table tennis, boxing, weightlifting, bodybuilding, shaping and yoga groups work on the basis of the physical culture and wellness complex. Football and basketball classes are conducted by the Korostenska Junior High School branch. The construction of the FOK has an autonomous heating system, hot water supply and a dry heat sauna. The facility is equipped with sanitary facilities and showers, as well as premises for the coaching staff.

In order to complete the reconstruction of the “Spartak” stadium, the areas for playing sports on the territory of the stadium were updated (fields for mini-football, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts). In 2014, the administrative building of the stadium and the large hall of the physical culture and health complex were overhauled. Regional and all-Ukrainian level competitions in various types of sports, regional sectoral Spartakiads, educational and training meetings are held on the basis of the physical culture and health complex of the “Spartacus” stadium. Table tennis, weightlifting, bodybuilding, sports aerobics, shaping and yoga groups work in the physical culture and wellness complex.

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