The central market (bazaar) of the city of Korosten

Центральный рынок (базар) города Коростень

11500, Zhytomyr Region, Korosten, Bazarnaya Ploshchad, 1.

Director: 5-08-04, reception: 4-71-16, deputy director: 5-02-58, chief accountant: 9-62-99, fax: 4-70-16, personnel department: 5-02-59 , protection: 5-06-94.

Daily from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., “market days” (when a large number of sellers and buyers come and, accordingly, a larger selection of goods): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

All numbers of the city’s route transport (check the direction of the bus in advance: towards the central market). Stop: “Central Market”.

Location on the map:

The central market (bazaar) of the city of Korosten.

The Korosten cooperative market is located opposite the bus station of the city of Korosten, at a distance of 700-800 meters from the railway station of the Korosten station (one stop by shuttle bus) at the address: 11500, Zhytomyr Region, Korosten, Bazarna Ploshcha, 1. Hours of operation: central without days off from 7 years to 18, so-called “market days” (when a larger number of sellers/buyers come and, accordingly, a larger selection of goods): Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Phones: director 5-08-04, reception 4-71-16, deputy director 5-02-58, chief accountant 9-62-99, fax 4-70-16, personnel department 5-02-59, security 5- 06-94. You can get there by all the city’s route transport numbers (check the direction of the bus in advance: towards the central market), stop: “Central Market”.

The cooperative market of Korosten is the largest in the city of Korosten, so it is called “Central” by the townspeople. The assortment is very diverse: it is possible to buy food products (from bread to fresh meat), as well as any clothes and household items. The product selection is really the largest both in terms of assortment and price. Around the market there is a large number of various shops (from small to large two-story ones), where you will surely buy the goods you need. Next to the central market (on the opposite side of the road) there is another part of the market – it is mixed, there are rows of products, there are rows of clothes. It should be noted that prices in this part of the market are often lower than in the main market, but the range is smaller.

The Korosten food and goods market has 4 entrances (from the four sides of its square):

  • the main one – from the side of Heroes’ Chornobyl street, bus station;
  • to the right in relation to the main entrance – from the side of furniture stores. Here you can buy food products (vegetables, fruits, fish);
  • on the left side in relation to the main entrance – from the side of the fire station. Clothes, including children’s clothing, shoes, household chemicals, household goods, curtains, carpets are sold here;
  • from the back of the central entrance, on the side of the “Novobud” store. In this part of the market, you can buy clothes for adults and children, household items, building materials, motorcycle and bicycle parts, plumbing fixtures;
  • to the left of the main entrance there is another entrance to the market – near the shop “Good Master”. After entering it, you can quickly walk to the indoor market, flower rows. There is a food inspection point near this entrance.

On the territory of the central market of the city of Korosten there are:

– Large covered food pavilion – to the left of the central entrance. Mainly packaged food and home-made products are sold here;

– meat pavilion – directly from the central entrance, where you can buy fresh meat and sausage products;

– market administration – directly from the central entrance.

There are many small and large shops, cafes, and service enterprises all around the edge of the central market square. The “Dobry gospod” and “Novobud” (“1000 little things”) stores will offer you a large selection of building and finishing materials. On the back side of the market (relative to the central entrance) there is a household building, which houses a shoe repair shop, a hair salon, a home appliance repair shop, etc. On the left side of the central entrance, it is worth noting several wallpaper shops. In the far left corner of the market is a grocery store, a key making workshop, it also sells glass and mirrors, as well as armored doors. In addition, there is an ATM of the Aval bank on the left. To the left, near the central entrance, there is a hairdresser, where you can sell hair on certain days, the “Hvylinka” cafe, the “Eva” shop. To the right near the central entrance is the “Meeting” cafe, dairy and fish pavilions. Furniture can be bought in the shops located to the right of the market in relation to the central entrance, there are also stores of building materials, glass, mirrors and vegetable/fruit shops, clothing and perfume shops.

It should also be noted the new part of the market, which is located opposite the central entrance to the market, on the other side of Heroes of Chornobyl street. There is a grocery store, mostly eggs, cereals and other loose products are sold: flour, sugar, salt. But most of the rows are real.

After crossing Torgova Street, you can get to the part of the market where “second hand” is sold (next to the bus station). At the beginning of Torgovaya Street, opposite the central entrance to the market, animal feed is sold, as well as live chickens, chickens, rabbits, geese, ducks (“bird” mini-market), as well as bags of sugar, flour, pasta and other products.

It makes no sense to describe the prices of clothes, shoes, and food products in the central market of the city of Korostenya, since there is a very large assortment of almost all products sold in the markets. There is a seller for each product, so look for the “golden middle” in the price/quality ratio.

We remind you once again:

– the widest assortment of goods in the central market (bazaar) of the city of Korosten on the so-called “bazaar days”: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday;

– protect your bags/wallets/pockets from theft (although it is rare, but there are cases);

-check purchases for correct weighing, buy products where there are electronic scales (dishonest sellers still happen);

– bargain more actively: try to buy goods from the owner of the outlet, not from the seller – they will drop more;

– buy expensive things on sale after the end of the season;

– defend your consumer rights if they have been violated;

– Remember that for clothes/shoes, the seller is obliged to guarantee the specified period for a certain product, as well as exchange/refund/repair the defective product at his own expense within 14 days from the day of purchase;

– in the event of unresolved disputes, contact the market administration or the society for the protection of consumer rights;

-In the premises of the market administration, you can make announcements over the loudspeaker of an advertising nature, on the occasion of losing things, finding children or acquaintances.

Happy shopping!

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